Choices, Choices…

…two terrific and innovative umbrellas have been introduced…which would you choose?


Nendo’s Stay-brella stands up unassisted…

Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman's Sa umbrella bounces back into shape when blown inside-out...

Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman’s Sa umbrella bounces back into shape when blown inside-out.

Nov 5, 2014


…so fabulous…views…bespoke cabinetry…and stainless.  I could spend all day in the Artreehoose kitchen by Bernheimer Architecture.  Photography by Richard Barnes.

richard barnes


Nov 4, 2014

New Heights…

…the creativity of Nicole HollisInterior Design. San Francisco is one of my favorite places on the planet. Pacific Heights Residence captures the quality of the deluxe dwellings found in this upscale neighborhood.

nicole hollisa



nicole hollis76

nicole hollisc





Nov 2, 2014

Happy Halloween…




black cat


Oct 31, 2014

Attenion, White Knuckles….

…design enlightens and delights…The Centre for Process Innovation has just unveiled an airliner which it hopes will eventually be the future of commercial flight…a windowless plane with a solid fuselage.  Yes, very cool…I suppose…but think of all the white knuckles.

The plane’s walls are ultra thin high definition screens…

Internal tracking cameras will project the image of the plane’s exterior onto the interior walls…giving you a bird’s-eye view of the sky around you.


Oct 30, 2014

Quiet, Please…

Kelly Deck Design‘s creative philosophy is inspired by the rugged beauty of the West Coast.  The firm’s creative thinking fashions effortless elegance in homes that are beautiful, balanced, and inviting. Grant, in Vancouver, BC, is a ‘quiet’ haven which demonstrates the strong impact of simplicity…I could settle in quite nicely…

all images courtesy of kelly deck design

Oct 27, 2014

Holy Shingles!…

…scale shingles are very popular right now in architecture and design…

71-year-old Bosnian retiree Momir Bojic has crafted a completely timber clad Volkswagen Beetle exterior from over 50,000 pieces of hand-carved oak. Almost every detail of the fully-functioning automobile, from the windshield wipers to the side view mirrors and tire spokes, have been intricately formed from the light brown wooden shingles.


Oct 25, 2014

Time Out…

…we are heading west to Sonoma County, California.  We arrive at Hupomone Ranch and try our hand at sustainable farming and ranching…and, of course,  much enjoyment and camaraderie…

The site has a wonderful balanced quality to it, and the simple grounded form of the barn is situated to compliment this setting and capture the long views to the coastal range beyond…

The light-filled living area opens up to the long view south and gathers the bedrooms and kitchen to either side.  (Make sure you take note of the fab mirrored chest which promotes just the right sparkle)…

The kitchen has slide away windows that open directly to the garden…

I call dibs on this bedroom, oh alright, you can have it…but really, can this room be any more perfect…

The bathroom is “oh so right” with its star-jeweled light and picture-perfect view…

Life is good!  Kudos to Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects


Oct 21, 2014

Monday Menswear…

Fashion and design studio Eley Kishimoto has collaborated with tailor Timothy Everest and graphic design firm New Future Graphic to produce a range of shirts that are hand screen printed with geometric shape.


Oct 20, 2014


…a home on North Astor Street in Chicago is ready for Halloween…

picture taken by cabbagerose

Oct 16, 2014

Bathed in White…

…summer at Montauk Lake House is sure to be very enjoyable;  but, wouldn’t it be fun to visit during Fall for the Thanksgiving holiday?  Bathed in white and enclosed with large expanses of glass, it is certain to be bright even on the gloomiest Fall day.  The view of blue will inspire…

…picture perfect by Robert Young Architect.


Oct 13, 2014

The Perfect Red…

REptile Haku Restaurant, Manhattan/Evan Douglis Studio


Oct 12, 2014


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