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When in Berlin…

…drink tea!  The ‘tasteful’ P & T by Fabian von Ferrari




Nov 6, 2014

Attenion, White Knuckles….

…design enlightens and delights…The Centre for Process Innovation has just unveiled an airliner which it hopes will eventually be the future of commercial flight…a windowless plane with a solid fuselage.  Yes, very cool…I suppose…but think of all the white knuckles.

The plane’s walls are ultra thin high definition screens…

Internal tracking cameras will project the image of the plane’s exterior onto the interior walls…giving you a bird’s-eye view of the sky around you.


Oct 30, 2014

The Perfect Red…

REptile Haku Restaurant, Manhattan/Evan Douglis Studio


Oct 12, 2014

Float Away…

…I have been nursing a sore muscle in my back for the past few days.  I happened upon, (thank you, Trendland,)  Float by Unnur Valdis and wished I could try to heal my aching back in the geothermal pools in magical Iceland…with Float gear in hand, of course…

Most hot springs are artificially constructed — many to marvelous results — altering the local scenery. But Iceland’s geothermal pools use the natural landscape as the experience’s foundation. Here, pools are larger, and unlike their counterparts in Japan, they’re ideal for floating your entire body.

With that in mind, Unnur Valdis dared to design an accessory that improves the bathing experience in hot water — and does so with an entirely understated and tailored approach. Float, her simple-looking swim cap, is made from Neoprene-Lycra-Polyethylene foam and designed to embrace the bathers head into total relaxation. Floating is no longer an awkward sensation overwhelming your body’s equilibrium.Valdis’ innovation is a shortcut for effortless relaxation, regardless of location. Try it at your local spring or pool (or, ideally, as an accomplice on your next trip north).

…yes, please!…


Oct 8, 2014

Spring 2015…

…watch the construction team in action for Phase 2 of Sasaki‘s Chicago Riverwalk project. Due to the unusual site, construction is being executed from barges on the Chicago River, and involves workers…quite literally…walking on water.  The Chicago Riverwalk is due to open in Spring 2015.


Sep 28, 2014

A Message for You…

…it’s Friday. Have a great weekend.

Oslo, El Carmen, Valencia/Borja Garcia Studio


Sep 26, 2014

Time Out…

We work for a multitude of reasons…and it’s reasonable we like to play hard after we work hard.  Below are a few new establishments that would be fun to unwind and play at after a demanding work day…

The Abbaye de Fontevraud Hotel, Anjou, France/the remarkable architect duo, Jouin Manku

Shustov Brandy Bar, Odessa, Ukraine/Belenko Design Brand

The Peggy Guggenheim Café contemporary renovation, NY, NY/Hangar Design Group

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Sep 8, 2014

Bathed in White Light…

…I wonder what artist Doug Wheeler’s lighting installation, titled D-N SF 12 PG VI, does to one’s senses…do your senses shut down…or go into full throttle? Stunning…

Doug Wheeler’s, D-N SF 12 PG VI, is installed for The Illusion of Light exhibition at Palazzo Grassi – an 18th century residence situated on Venice’s Grand Canal that now hosts contemporary art shows.


Sep 7, 2014

Cast Iron…

…I would love to run my hands over the new facade of the Paul Smith Albemarle Street store in London…cast iron…solid, intricate, and creative design…by 6a Architects



Aug 3, 2014

Harvest JUICERY…

…oh my goodness…and I am speaking of  yummy goodness!  I cannot tell you how many times I have held my nose while choking down freshly squeezed concoctions.  Harvest JUICERY has snuffed-out my juicing misery with delicious cold-pressed juice delights.  What is cold-pressed juice, you say? It’s juice that’s hydraulically pressed…a fancy press that does not generate any heat, keeping the temperature of the product without oxidizing; and, then pressed with thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the juice. The juice contains two to three pounds of vegetables in every bottle…

of course a cool venue is needed to ‘get the juices flowing’…by Chicago-based design firm, blochaus

the packaging is simple and honest…just like the product…


Krissy Sciarra, owner and chef, refers to her business as “a 21st century milkman that really does your body good.”  Harvest JUICERY delivers in the Chicago area…and, great news…they will ship out of state.  Cheers!


Jul 24, 2014


…I must admit, I’m a jaw dropper…I wear my joy and delight on my sleeve.  Below are three spectacular spaces that make my jaw hit the floor!…

Koro House

Wooden slats add a sculptural ceiling and cast shadows like a sundial across the central living room of this hexagonal home, Koro, located in Toyota, Japan, by  Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates.  The sculptural ceiling decoration is made from timber battens that line the rafters, creating an ever-changing pattern of light and shadow on the walls as the sun moves across the sky. Truly beautiful…instantly turns a home into a gallery, yes?

Dior’s Haute Couture Show

The Dior show, Paris, took place in a simple cylindrical white pavilion, located among foliage in the gardens of Musée Rodin. Designed by creative director, Raf Simons, white orchids with pink centres covered the walls. Stunning.

BIG Maze

BIG, the firm led by architect Bjarke Ingels, developed the form of this maze by combining styles of mazes throughout history, from ancient Greek labyrinths to European hedge mazes and modern American corn mazes. Brilliant! The BIG Maze opened to the public at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. on Friday and will remain in place until 1 September. It will be followed up by a wider exhibition of BIG’s work, which will open in January 2015.

…come on, join me…1,2,3…drop!


Jul 10, 2014

Just Right…

…a small wooden structure has been created to complement ‘La Cabotte’, a vineyard on a hillside in southern France…designed by h2o architects…so charming, yes?  Santé!


Jun 26, 2014

Time Out…

…a textured backdrop of  brickwork, concrete, plaster, and moldings…oh my!  Off we go to visit renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s newest culinary destination in Shanghai.  Situated within the prestigious Three on the Bund, Neri & Hu’s design is drawn from the rich historical context of its locale.

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Jun 10, 2014

Time Out…

…oh my goodness…time to pour a pisco sour…this is going to be an amazing adventure.  We arrive in Iquitos, Peru…gateway to the Amazon.  Aqua Expeditions will be guiding us on our exploration of the Amazon, onboard a luxurious riverboat, the Aria.

Designed by Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, the MV Aria, constitutes one of the two uber-luxury boats that sail down the Amazon. With 16 suites, it is like floating 5-star luxurious hotel with panoramic views……onboard, it’s all about attention to detail and the provision of high-end services including a doctor and emergency medical care and security…

…onboard the Aria are biologists who have grown up around the Amazon and they are very enthusiastic in sharing all their knowledge with the guests onboard…

…the Aria features a lounge area with a library and comfy sofas, a small exercise/massage room, dining room and a beautiful sun-deck with a Jacuzzi ideal for chilling or stargazing on a clear night…

…culinary feasts even for the most demanding foodies, are perfectly complemented with a selection of fine wines and cocktails. Peru’s star chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino – of Malabar fame – creates the daily menu…

…tomorrow, the adventure begins anew…

Text and images by Katerina Katopis for Yatzer…images by Aqua Expeditions

Apr 3, 2014

Not Horsing Around…

…designed inside a former equestrian academy by Paris studio Jouin Manku to create the 55-room Les Haras de Strasbourg Hotel and adjoining Brasserie Les Haras

…coiled oak strips…

…luxury and comfort…

…restrained and subtle…

…pods (which I’ve come to identify with this Parisian studio) and benches wrapped in saddle leather…

…leather headboards with perfect stitching and handsome bedding…

…a destination hotel and restaurant…

via: dezeen and patrickjouin

Mar 18, 2014