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Hug a Cloud…

Margje Teeuwen has collaborated with Erwin Zwiers to create Proplamp, a lamp made from a biodegradable non-woven material that you can ‘crush’ to tailor-make your own design.


Aug 12, 2014

Five Fab Finds…

align pen/beyond object

sandblast tree rings: diptych/lex pott

full moon pillow/studio dks

moreless watch/mean

snap glasses/nendo


Aug 8, 2014


…innovative thinking.

all images via

Aug 4, 2014

Organic and Oval…

…are the signature design elements of Zaha Hadid…now designing a swimwear line for Viviona…here.


Jun 30, 2014

Bubble Up…

george nelson bubble pendants

Jun 16, 2014

Five Fab Frills*…

…frill* is defined as a nice touch.  An all white selection shown here…


triology collection’s triangle folded backpack

case scenario’s element iPhone 5 case


junpei tamaki design’s thaw

all frills found at minimalissimo

Jun 8, 2014


…omoshiroi-ne means ‘how clever’ in japanese…Leo Tatemichi, architect and owner of Pompon Cakes, is indeed clever.  Using his mother’s recipes, Tatemichi opened his bakeries two years ago.  He was inspired by his travels through the U.S. by street vendors.  ”It looked like so much fun, so I wanted to bring that warm and inviting spirit along to Kamakura. I wanted create an environment in the urban context, where it resembled something close to a living room”…omoshiroi-ne…

via and via

Feb 23, 2014

Five Fab Frills*…

…frill*- luxury…nice touch…


gareth pugh’s trim jacket

vifa’s copenhagen speaker


jewelry for a cause: caliber…from illegal guns to diamond studded cuffs

lovatt wall vase


Feb 20, 2014

Five Fab Frills*…

…frill*- luxury…nice touch…

Untitled Nº557, ink, silk & beewax on panel/eric blum…one of my favorite artists…

mirror oh mirror/sam orlando miller

tre pezzi wool from cassina

emerald plants

this pool…na xemena house/ramón esteve


Dec 16, 2013

Not Just Another Pretty Pool…

…the water architecture found in Pools Reflections by photographer Kelly Klein is sculptural, sexy, and day-dream worthy…enjoy…



Jun 5, 2013

Let’s Shop…

Frederic Perers and Jordi Tamayo have invited us to their new Multiplastic space in Barcelona…

…notice the cool industrial character of the original space…the lighting creates an atmosphere that updates the presence of the company’s corporate blue…well done, yes?

Multiplastic carefully selects items sold from a design concept that equates aesthetics and functionality, and that values innovation above all.

…look what I found…

pen pen/john brauer for essey

mi ming/philippe starck for xo design

chiringuito cooler/ron arad for alessi

…have a great weekend…looking forward to our next shopping spree…


see another project featured at cr by Frederic Perers




May 17, 2013


…no, concrete!  Water absorbent concrete coasters made with eco-friendly materials of non-toxic recycled ash and cement mix.  Available in gray and black.


May 3, 2013

Styling For the Architect/Designer…

…hey, what’s this?  The first of a new series of smart dressing for the architect/designer…this time a collaboration with the mecca of fashion, DIANI, located in Santa Barbara.  This is just a small taste of offerings…if you have a minute, please visit the DIANI blog and beautiful website .  You won’t be disappointed…I promise…double promise…

…I have my favorites chosen.  Thank you to the talented stylists at DIANI…

3. Smythe Cropped Pant ($450.00)
4. Rag & Bone Perry Tank ($255.00)


Mar 18, 2013


…seems a bit of an understatement, yes?…especially since I’m near hyperventilation…Karl Lagerfeld for Cassina…KL’s first collaboration with a furniture designer…



Mar 16, 2013

May I Ask a Question?…

…this exciting project for Pulsate, a small tile showroom in London’s Primrose Hill, by LIly Jencks and Nathanael Dorent gets my heart pumping…for reasons other than you might think.  Uber-creative and wildly imaginative, Jencks and Dorent have teamed up and fitted out a tile showroom in London to look like a psychedelic cartoon.  I love it…

Drawing inspiration from the mind-boggling images of Op Art and Gestalt psychology, the tiles are laid out in a zigzagging pattern that warps perspective at the back of the space.

and in I go…no doubt, I would be drawn in by this masterpiece…

“We had the idea of a shop not being only a functional space for consumption, but more about architecture and adventure,” said Dorent. “The floor is sloped, and benches are built into the structure, so you’re never really sure what you’re looking at.”

…and this is where I imagine I could end up if I walk through this mind-bending execution of tile…

…and, may I ask a question?  Can anyone explain to me why I feel sea-sick when I walk under The Bean?


Mar 16, 2013