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Lovely Buddha…

Lovely buddha…always brings a sense of serenity and integrity into a space…




Dec 5, 2013

Between the Lines…

rope/architects eat

every move you make, every step you take/megan heckler

layers love/richard hutten

patricia urquiola


Nov 7, 2013

Too Darn Good

I know it is my first day away, but I came across Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiousity’s Seven Minutes of Terror and had to share…history…and mind-blowing coolness, yes?  I hope you enjoy…



Aug 9, 2012

Color: Black



May 15, 2012

Two Is Company…



May 8, 2012

Her Digs

Helene Demettre by Felix Lammers for Flair

House Beo/photographt by Tim Van de Velde

1, 2


Feb 9, 2012

Four Eye House/Edward Ogosta Architecture

A desert weekend residence designed for a family and their dog by California based Edward Ogosta Architecture.  Let’s visit…

A weekend desert residence for a family and their dog, the Four Eyes House is an exercise in site-specific experiential programming. Rather than planning the house according to a domestic functional program, the building was designed foremost as an instrument for intensifying a number of onsite phenomenal events.

Four “sleeping towers” are oriented towards four spatiotemporal viewing experiences: morning sunrise to the east, mountain range to the south, evening city lights to the west, and nighttime stars overhead. Each tower contains a compact top-floor bedroom, sized only for the bed, and each with a unique aperture directed towards the view. These bedrooms are equally-sized and unassigned, such that the family’s sleeping locations can be rotated based on each individual’s desired viewing experience.



Feb 3, 2012