Monday Menswear…

Fashion and design studio Eley Kishimoto has collaborated with tailor Timothy Everest and graphic design firm New Future Graphic to produce a range of shirts that are hand screen printed with geometric shape.


Oct 20, 2014


…a home on North Astor Street in Chicago is ready for Halloween…

picture taken by cabbagerose

Oct 16, 2014

Bathed in White…

…summer at Montauk Lake House is sure to be very enjoyable;  but, wouldn’t it be fun to visit during Fall for the Thanksgiving holiday?  Bathed in white and enclosed with large expanses of glass, it is certain to be bright even on the gloomiest Fall day.  The view of blue will inspire…

…picture perfect by Robert Young Architect.


Oct 13, 2014

The Perfect Red…

REptile Haku Restaurant, Manhattan/Evan Douglis Studio


Oct 12, 2014

Five Fab Finds….

artis cosmetic brushes…designed by ex-MAC executive…

100% egyptian cotton towels from daniella witte’s shop…

alada porcelain cup by estúdio manus

grass mounds…axial symphony, china, by design systems ltd.

cleartones…minimalist ringtones…here


Oct 9, 2014

Float Away…

…I have been nursing a sore muscle in my back for the past few days.  I happened upon, (thank you, Trendland,)  Float by Unnur Valdis and wished I could try to heal my aching back in the geothermal pools in magical Iceland…with Float gear in hand, of course…

Most hot springs are artificially constructed — many to marvelous results — altering the local scenery. But Iceland’s geothermal pools use the natural landscape as the experience’s foundation. Here, pools are larger, and unlike their counterparts in Japan, they’re ideal for floating your entire body.

With that in mind, Unnur Valdis dared to design an accessory that improves the bathing experience in hot water — and does so with an entirely understated and tailored approach. Float, her simple-looking swim cap, is made from Neoprene-Lycra-Polyethylene foam and designed to embrace the bathers head into total relaxation. Floating is no longer an awkward sensation overwhelming your body’s equilibrium.Valdis’ innovation is a shortcut for effortless relaxation, regardless of location. Try it at your local spring or pool (or, ideally, as an accomplice on your next trip north).

…yes, please!…


Oct 8, 2014

All Eyes Are on You…

…make friends that never go away…

(look up!)…


Oct 7, 2014

Spring 2015…

…watch the construction team in action for Phase 2 of Sasaki‘s Chicago Riverwalk project. Due to the unusual site, construction is being executed from barges on the Chicago River, and involves workers…quite literally…walking on water.  The Chicago Riverwalk is due to open in Spring 2015.


Sep 28, 2014

A Message for You…

…it’s Friday. Have a great weekend.

Oslo, El Carmen, Valencia/Borja Garcia Studio


Sep 26, 2014

Out of the Landscape…

…rising from the terrain, we find Reykjavik House…minimalist, inviting, and toasty…yes, toasty…

…the light from Reykjavik House calls one inside…

simplicity, the indigo view, and warm wood tones makes one comfortable and toasty…yes, toasty…can you feel the warmth?…

…a beautifully designed and substantial home to shield one from the elements…the genius of Moomoo Architects.


Sep 24, 2014

Burnished Indigo…

indigo is my favorite color…when I was younger, I was a ‘blue jean baby’…but I have now become partial to wearing black.  Anyway…JamesPlumb has developed a dye process, producing an antique burnished indigo textile, which gives a stunning depth and dimension to indigo…

The project began when James Russell and Hannah Plumb of JamesPlumb found a 19th century leather sofa in a state of disrepair and wanted to find a suitable fabric to reupholster it.


presented at the London Design Festival 2014



Sep 23, 2014

Time Out at School…

inspiration abounds at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising…

in Los Angeles

in Orange County

and, in San Diego…by Clive WilkinsonArchitects.

all images courtesy of clive wilkinson architects

Sep 22, 2014


there are many ways to say welcome…

all images


Sep 21, 2014


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