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Cube Me…

villa kanousan, bousou peninsula mountains of japan/yusuke karasawa


Apr 8, 2014

The Perfect Red…

chair one/konstantin grcic


Apr 2, 2014


remash architect, anna korkobcova, and cabbagerose…collaborating on Pinterest…architecture, design, art, nature…it is all about patterns…come visit us for a flash of genius…oh yes!


Mar 29, 2014

Weekend House…

…a dream…on Lake Yamanaka…by Kazunari Sakamoto Architectural Laboratory

I admit, I have changed my mind about wood


Mar 9, 2014

Handsome Herringbone…

…understated, minimalist design with a traditional herringbone pattern…Herringbone House, Islington, London, is designed by Atelier ChanChan.  I love this house…


Mar 4, 2014

More Pop than Rock…

…international creative firm, Hangar Design Group, describes itself…Hangar Design Group is more pop than rock. In a pop group what counts are not the isolated individuals but the name of the group. In the end, the result achieved is the group and not based on one inclination predominating over the others…refreshing, wouldn’t you say?

The aim of the agency is to gather under one name the various departments dedicated to communication, graphics, retail, industrial design and branding strategies…in other words, they do it all.  If you are so inclined, please visit Hangar Design Group website…inventive and innovated…


private residence

private loft in the center of milan

private residence, barcelona

armani casa

rebecca, retail

moonriver, mobile home project design for pircher oberland

the cantina at santa fe opera, new mexico

all images via hangar design group

Mar 3, 2014

Hide and Seek…

incredibly delicate…strong graphical shapes…elegant results…this is the work of Brooklyn based, Ina Jang.  Ina’s work is described as being somewhere between fashion and fine art, at the junction of photography, drawing, graphic design and sculpture.



Mar 2, 2014

Sublime Creativity…

…and what has inspired her…the consummate designer, Michelle Wentworth, has the ’philosophy that the everyday experience is enhanced with considered living, investing in well-made products, attention to detail, and by paring to what is essential, valued, and beautiful’.  The featured project below is The Art Collector’s Residence…refined modern minimalist sensibility…

all images michelle

Feb 25, 2014


…omoshiroi-ne means ‘how clever’ in japanese…Leo Tatemichi, architect and owner of Pompon Cakes, is indeed clever.  Using his mother’s recipes, Tatemichi opened his bakeries two years ago.  He was inspired by his travels through the U.S. by street vendors.  ”It looked like so much fun, so I wanted to bring that warm and inviting spirit along to Kamakura. I wanted create an environment in the urban context, where it resembled something close to a living room”…omoshiroi-ne…

via and via

Feb 23, 2014

Five Fab Frills*…

…frill*- luxury…nice touch…


gareth pugh’s trim jacket

vifa’s copenhagen speaker


jewelry for a cause: caliber…from illegal guns to diamond studded cuffs

lovatt wall vase


Feb 20, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day…

entrance to tokyo design week 2009/photography by luke hayes


Feb 14, 2014

Two Twisted Staircases…

…and light and space to breathe……delicate yet sturdy…this three-story residence in Sapporo was designed by Japanese firm Jun Igarashi Architects.  Centered around a family room, the ceiling in Case soars to a grand height, enabling residents to view almost every room in the house from the family room.  Wouldn’t it be delightful to live here?

…even with an appealing exterior, who would ever guess the magic that lies inside?


Feb 13, 2014

Killer Apple Pie…

…get it right here…Katsutadai House is located in the suburban neighborhood of Katsutadai (Chiba) East of Tokyo, Japan.  After 35 years of creating delectable pastries, the bakery owners enlisted the help of Yuko Nagayama & Associates to design a bottom floor bakery with a two-level family home above…


Jan 30, 2014


…kudos to Bucchieri Architects for taking advantage of a picture perfect opportunity…

Fairview Townhouse, located in the heart of the historic Little Italy neighborhood in Cleveland


Jan 29, 2014