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Holiday Ready…

…cozy, fresh, and to-the-minute…just a touch of festive red sets the mood.  Introduced by the d pages…the computer generated worlds of  Juraj Talcik and Veronika Demovicova.


Nov 25, 2013

Under the Moonlight…

…we’ve had the most beautiful full moon to enjoy the past couple of nights…no wonder I am drawn to the dramatic and generous Under the Moonlight House in Mount Hotham, Australia.  Vividly black metal, glass, and gables, are from the imagination of Giovanni D’Ambrosio

…goodnight moon…



Nov 19, 2013

Focus: Architectural Design Element…

Voila House, a contemporary home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, features a unique circular living room with sliding walls which can be arranged to create an outdoor space…one, two, three…voilà!  Fabian Tan Architect


Nov 17, 2013

A Breath of Fresh…

…(st)air…how refreshing!

Living staircase/Paul Cocksedge


Nov 16, 2013

Dream a Little Dream…

…as it gets colder in Chicago, I dream of having a warm climate respite.  Enter ÁBATON, one of my favorite architectural firms, located in Madrid.  ÁBATON has developed the ÁPH80 series as a dwelling ideal for 2 people, easily transported by road, and ready to be placed almost anywhere.

The outside is covered with grey cement wood board…

The use of wood throughout the building not only adds calmness and balance but it is also hypoallergenic. The sourced wood comes from regulated forests…

The herd is optional…in my dream, I would have nubian goats…

Manufacturing time is 6-8 weeks.  Assembly time is a mere 24 hours…ÁBATON magic…

all images courtesy of ÁBATON

Nov 12, 2013

Check-In at the Office…

…we really have to stop working on Saturday; but when ideas abound inside this ‘ribcage,’ we must carry through…OneSize in Amesterdam by Dutch practice, Origins Architects


Nov 9, 2013

Tire Shop…

Tire Shop is MARK + VIVI’s inaugural project located in the transitioning city of Verdun, Quebec.  The newly renovated 800 sq.ft space, a former tire shop, currently functions as their live/work studio and houses…

images by adrien williams



Nov 2, 2013

Time Out…

…I have long been smitten with the rural cabins for artists built on Fogo Island in Canada by Saunders Architecture…now, Fogo Island Inn is ready for the rest of us…

via: dezeen


Oct 29, 2013

Time Out…

…we are off to a gem of a hotel… Zash in eastern Sicily, in the province of Catania…can you smell the citrus trees?  Rugged and luxe…a treasure…

Zash is described by the hotel as, “a country boutique hotel where historical fragments meet a contemporary taste, in an ‘elegantly quiet’ project, to let nature’s physicality emerge, to respect our past vestige and to satisfy our traveller’s needs. A place which is refined in its rooms, rural in its context and vital for the soul.”

via: desiretoinspire

Oct 7, 2013


G House, a stunning minimalist private residence nestled in Afeka, northwest of Tel Aviv, is the result of the collaboration of Axelrod Architects and Pitsou Kedem Architects

photography by amit geron

via: minimalissimo


Oct 4, 2013

Five Fab Frills…

…frill*- luxury…nice touch…

Kitty Ring by Jacquie Aiche

Times Square Hurricane Sandy Print/Ben Draper Photography

cozy…dining room table + built-in fireplace/Michael Harboun

SuperPOX Wall Hook Set/LMNOQ

Cluster Ceramic Chandelier/Matt Gagnon Studio


Sep 30, 2013

Sunday Afternoon…

…a Modern Parisian Flat in the posh Pacific Heights area of San Francisco by Sutro Architects…wonderfully orchestrated room by room…heavenly white and a healthy dose of sunshine…today is Sunday, let’s acknowledge that one’s art is a prayer…

thank you to desiretoinspire for sharing…

desiretoinspire and sutroarchitects

Sep 29, 2013