Sep 4, 2011

Choices, Choices…

The fab painting or the collection…which would you choose?

Pendant – Mixed Media on Canvas on Wood Panel 60 x 60 ~ Erik Gonzales

nobis hotel, stockholm/claesson koivisto rune

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs, La Boheme.


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  • They’re both awesome, but I’d go for the painting (no room for the collection, unfortunately)! Hope your holiday weekend is relaxing!

    • Agreed! Dave, I’m headed to the Cubs game today…it’s a beautiful day in Chicago. Have a good one.

  • they are both wonderful but I’m for the painting too … and for the Cubs. I have Chicago Cubs t-shirt. While I studied I was intern for a lawfirm in Chicago. Both lawyers are big Chicago Cubs fans. So I saw with them 4 games live :-) The stadium is still so clarly in my head. Happy new week to you, Katherine! big hugs

    • Ahhh…my lovely Maria lived in Chicago! Such a nice surprise. xx

  • Oh I’m so happy to inspire one of MY favorite bloggers! Yes yes. Now, I would have to choose the painting as well…something really beautiful about the balanced colors and patterns. xx

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