Sep 13, 2012

Natural Production…

…enter Barcelona designer,Victor Castanera, and The Areniscos project.  Victor visualizes an alternate production and creation model within the parameters of our natural habitat where he explores how nature can move us to create a sensorial, sustainable and experiential process.  The vision inculcates the possibility of growing a small industry that permits the simple creation of a series of products taking advantage and leveraging nature in its simplest forms, without damaging it in the process. No machines, no contamination, only a small amount of resources are needed to create the product. This industry will not only highlight the product but also the process and philosophy of natural production…just pure beauty.

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  • I am so happy to see that you are featuring this project on cabbagerose! Right before I checked out your blog I saw an image of one of these pieces and was preparing to start my search to see who had dreamed these up! what can I say…great minds :) happy weekend!

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