Jun 27, 2011


This image makes me smile.  My middle name is ‘wrong way.”  I wonder if map heels would wash away this curse…probably not.

photography by jeremy murch


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  • Shoes and art … two of my favorite things!!!

  • :-) they are so stylish especially for someone like me who loves travelling without a bag. the map will always be with me :-)

    p.s.: I don’t think Javier will notice if you borrow a chair or two from his house. If he will, I’ll be your lawyer for free. Easy case: I’ll tell him you are behind the cabbage rose tumblr and I’m sure he will agree even for 3 chairs (we can borrow the Egg for Dave :-)

    BIG hugs to you

    • haha! yes, the Egg for Dave! Great plan, Maria. BIG hugs to you.

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