Jul 29, 2011

The Latest From MINIMAL

MINIMAL has submitted their latest project and it is incredible.  Marvel chose MINIMAL for the movie, Transformers 3, to design the kitchen of one of the main characters…the bad guy!

Designer: Stefano Venier

Description:  MINIMAL’s cutting edge design featuring a high tech sliding countertop was the perfect fit for Ryan’s, contemporary kitchen in Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon. With unique Italian sense of aesthetics and commitment to custom design, MINIMAL tailored a kitchen space that perfectly portrays the character’s personality: provocative for its sensual lightness and intimidating for its clean lines.

Designed by Stefano Venier, the kitchen stems out as a full-relief sculpture in the middle of Ryan`s enviable apartment. The focal point of the room is the island, a unique example of technology, design and functionality. Through an electronic movement, the hand crafted Thermo Oak top can be either opened up to serve as an entertainment table or closed to hide the brushed stainless steel countertop, the soldered sink and the retractable faucet.

Technical characteristics:

Doors: White Glossy lacquer, 22 mm (3/4”) thick with 30° top edge

Sliding Counter: Thermo Oak with electronic movement (counter thickness 8cm = 3 1/8”)

Counters: Hand crafted brushed stainless steel, 3 mm (1/8”) thick with soldered sinks and retractable faucet

Appliances: Miele

Hood: Custom by Minimal

Open Shelving: Thin stainless steel shelving system 6mm (1/4”) thick with Thermo oak back panels




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