Mar 25, 2013

On the Pacific…

…Architectural geometry and photography go hand in hand, as portrayed in the exemplary project by ANDO Corporation known as “Rooms.” This fabulous contemporary residence rises in Wakayama, Japan and occupies 288 square meters – enough space to become an airy, minimalist cluster of rooms perfect for living an uncomplicated lifestyle.

Surrounded by lush vegetation gently sloping down the hillside, the white volumetric residence benefits from a spectacular play of geometry in the front garden leading inside to the brightly lit spaces. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the modern home seems to defy its surroundings with an imposing shape while visually connecting with it from different vantage points at the same time. Interior spaces are split into separate blocks connected by a terrace and a covered walkway, ending with an oceanview pool that completes this minimalist dream home.


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