Nov 1, 2011

NHow/Karim Rashid

Let’s take a look at Berlin’s first music hotel, sitting in the center of the city’s music, fashion, and creative scene.  NHow by Karim Rashid is an adventure; it looks as though you entered a sound speaker and find yourself playing and sleeping amongst sound vibrations.


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  • love this place and love the Stadtbibliothek (the library in Stuttgart) on your tumblr even more. I’ve spent so many hours there. great to see it on your tumblr, Katherine. big hugs

  • ok, you know Karim is my guilty pleasure! and that pink ceiling is ridiculous! o and by the way, that little halo lamp(last pic) is too cute! haha I love it :) hope you’re having a fabulous week full of inspiration. big hugs to you!

  • i will be in berlin next weekend! will have to check this out!! xx

  • hope everything is good with you, Katherine and you just have some free days away from Internet.

    sending love to you


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