Mar 3, 2014

More Pop than Rock…

…international creative firm, Hangar Design Group, describes itself…Hangar Design Group is more pop than rock. In a pop group what counts are not the isolated individuals but the name of the group. In the end, the result achieved is the group and not based on one inclination predominating over the others…refreshing, wouldn’t you say?

The aim of the agency is to gather under one name the various departments dedicated to communication, graphics, retail, industrial design and branding strategies…in other words, they do it all.  If you are so inclined, please visit Hangar Design Group website…inventive and innovated…


private residence

private loft in the center of milan

private residence, barcelona

armani casa

rebecca, retail

moonriver, mobile home project design for pircher oberland

the cantina at santa fe opera, new mexico

all images via hangar design group

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