Mar 20, 2013

Keep Your Eyes Open…

…for the creative genius of ROVVEL, interior design by Anna Korkobcova & Kat VanCleave in San Francisco.  ROVVEL,  (Revolve, Evolve, Rebel) aesthetic combines simplicity of form with the complexity of light, scale, texture, and color. While remaining aware of the relationship of the human body in space, the team is drawn to refined, smart and sexy designs.  ROVVEL…remember where you heard it first…

hillsborough, california


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  • awesome! I love Rovvel. hugs to you, Katherine

  • Katherine! You are simply the best! We are gearing up for lots of exciting new projects, so more goodness will be up on the site soon :) xo kat

  • What a lovely surprise to see this Katherine!!! Kat and I are so excited to share our newest projects, we are slowly wrapping them up….but thank you thank you thank you for your support. We hope to rock the world! xx

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