Jun 25, 2011

Hiroko Koshino

I am  in awe of the uber-talented Japanese fashion designer Hiroko Koshino.  Hiroko is highly regarded in the fashion world as a pioneer of reinventing traditional Japanese dress.  While her contemporaries favor the avant-garde, Hiroko creates wearable clothes based on ceremonial wear updated with more volume, natural materials, and assymetric designs.  Her hallmark is the modern reinterpretation of the kimono as well as gorgeous textiles and prints of her own design.  Hiroko paints; she owns a gallery; she is considered a master of calligraphy; and she plays the Japanese three-strings guitar.  You know, I guess when you’ve got it, you’ve got it…

Tadao Ando designed Hiroko’s Tokyo home, his first private project.


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  • such a informative, inspirational post with stunning photos… the last one I would want framed and hung in my bedroom- its so beautiful. Do you think those dress forms are made of paper?
    I’m always so excited to learn about such talent. thanks!! have a great weekend.

  • You have done again with your fashion post! Just saw her home on your tumblr before coming over here and so happy to see entire post! Her work has quite special delicate touch plus she must be extremely interesting woman to talk to.
    Must catch up with your posts now from past two days…xoxo

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