Jun 1, 2011

Full Circle(s)

I am taking a couple of days away due to my move.

It is with great delight that I introduce my tumblr friend, remash, to you.  My day is not complete without visiting his inspiring site.  Beauty, vision, edge, are words that come to mind when thinking of his work.  When you have time, stop by remash.  Enjoy…

Roughly a year ago a sculpture/ tower/ climbing toy I designed and built was featured by Arch DailyContemporist and a number of the other design sites.  I was surprised by the response and curious about who was interested.  While searching, a few sites and names repeatedly popped up.  One site that stood out was cabbagerose, another was tumblr.  Little did I know that the two go hand in hand.  Nor did I know that I’d start my own blog just months later as a result of my curiosity.  I was a stranger in a strange land.  Now a year later, here I am, a guest in the house of ‘rose.  It’s funny how things work out sometimes isn’t it?  Cheers + well met.




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  • I believe my day(s) just got better! Just by reading your guest post here, I am already a believer I will fall for your blog/tumblr. Time to go…so far it’s been a pleasure!
    Katherine, good luck with your move! xoxo

  • I agree with Anna. My last clicks before the flight are for you and I’m pretty sure my first after landing will be for you :-) your tumblr is for me the best in the world! hugs

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