Jul 20, 2012

Emmanuelle Moureaux Architect

French architect, Emmanuelle Moureaux, has been living in Japan since 1966.  Inspired by traditional Japanese sliding screens, Emmanuelle has created the concept of ‘Shikiri,’ which literally means ‘dividing (creating) space with colors’ in English.  I find her work to be light and minimal with a dash of whimsy…always inspiring and memorable….

…Issey Miyake/sticks…

…Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Shimura Branch…

…Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Tokiwadai Branch…

…Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Niiza Branch…

…and now, Toge, (japanese for thorn)….

…the spheres look like dandelion puffs, yes?…

…created for DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2011, Emmanuelle assembled 500 toges in 15 different colors to form a wedding dress.


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  • this is so much fun! i really really wanna touch it…ALL of it! hope you’re having a wonderful weekend :) inspired as always!

  • Too cool! I love the sticks and the Toge. Alway fun stuff here, thanks!

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