Jan 25, 2013

Cinema Done Right…

…it’s Friday, and many of us enjoy going to the movies over the weekend.  In Chicago, we are fortunate to have a scattering of neighborhood cinemas, but most have disappeared and have  been replaced by mega multiplexes.  I  find going to the movies can be stressful in these enormous movie houses.  Well, it’s time to breathe and relax…

…Ciné 32 is a timber-clad, five-screen cinema in the south of France by Encore Heureux.

…Ciné 32 evokes both the arched facades of art deco picture houses and the herringbone walls of local tobacco-drying sheds.

…”Rather than a large infrastructure-type multiplex, we wanted to create the image of a collection of small neighbourhood cinemas together,” explains Encore Heureux.

…the architects comment: “Cinema has this unique opportunity to gather different people for a common but yet unusual journey. We wish to offer remarkable conditions for such a trip.”

…each theatre boasts a different color…



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  • What a great find Katherine! I come and visit you every day here and your Tumbler and your posts are so fresh and inspiring. I think of you often too and wonder how you are. At some point, we must make a date in Chicago or San Francisco. Big hugs to you!

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