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Friday Fun…


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Jul 18, 2014

Must Love Dogs…


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Jul 16, 2014


floating daisy docks, chicago

alex maclean/ aerial photographer


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Jul 14, 2014

Curve and Line…


DROP/Hunter Ryan

Cite de l’Ocean et du Surf, Biarritz, France/Steven Holl ARchitects and Soalnge Fabião…FG+SG Architectural Photography, Iwan Baan


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Jul 12, 2014


…I must admit, I’m a jaw dropper…I wear my joy and delight on my sleeve.  Below are three spectacular spaces that make my jaw hit the floor!…

Koro House

Wooden slats add a sculptural ceiling and cast shadows like a sundial across the central living room of this hexagonal home, Koro, located in Toyota, Japan, by  Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates.  The sculptural ceiling decoration is made from timber battens that line the rafters, creating an ever-changing pattern of light and shadow on the walls as the sun moves across the sky. Truly beautiful…instantly turns a home into a gallery, yes?

Dior’s Haute Couture Show

The Dior show, Paris, took place in a simple cylindrical white pavilion, located among foliage in the gardens of Musée Rodin. Designed by creative director, Raf Simons, white orchids with pink centres covered the walls. Stunning.

BIG Maze

BIG, the firm led by architect Bjarke Ingels, developed the form of this maze by combining styles of mazes throughout history, from ancient Greek labyrinths to European hedge mazes and modern American corn mazes. Brilliant! The BIG Maze opened to the public at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. on Friday and will remain in place until 1 September. It will be followed up by a wider exhibition of BIG’s work, which will open in January 2015.

…come on, join me…1,2,3…drop!


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Jul 10, 2014

Happy 4th of July…

via nationalgeographic

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Jul 4, 2014

Creative Mind…

illustration/jesús devia


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Jul 3, 2014


…thank you to TheCoolist for a sensitive and well done post on social justice…and what you and I can do to effect change…


5 Ways You Can Fight Sex Trafficking, Right Now, From Your Computer

By: Guest Writer

Editor’s Note — In March, I had the pleasure to meet Cameron Conaway, a journalist who has dedicated his career to exposing the terrors of sex trafficking around the world. While such an article is outside our normal realm at TheCoolist, it is a poignant subject that exists in part because most of us would rather ignore it.  Cameron was kind enough to share 5 ways that you can fight sex trafficking, right now, from your computer. – Seamus Payne

More than once I’ve had someone approach me and say, “I want to help fight sex trafficking but I simply don’t have any time to volunteer.”

This is usually when I get to learn about their boss, Bill, and of how he’s a passive aggressive narcissist. Or of the precise times of little Madeline’s soccer practice throughout the week. It’s all valid. We’re all busy. But you need not spend ten hours each week volunteering at a local shelter for survivors of sex trafficking in order to help combat the crime. Here are 5 ways you can fight sex trafficking, right now, without leaving your computer.Bonus: Do two or more of these as soon as you finish reading the article.

(1) Follow the Warriors. While it is unbelievably rewarding to volunteer your time at shelters or to attend talks from some of the leaders in this field, equally important is supporting those who are on the ground, day after day, trying to eradicate this crime. Numbers matter in this fight. “Like” these Facebook pages and Follow these Twitter accounts:



(2) Buy Books. I’ve been in this fight long enough to see the way in which some writers are simply using this cause to make money. Lots of money. So here are a few books by those who are pioneers in the anti-slavery movement, and by those who are continually pushing the conversation forward:

(3) Donate What You Can. Here are two organizations that I’ve connected with and that I personally believe do productive work with the money they receive. It’s cliché, but no donation is too small.

(4) Share an Article. Publishers are struggling to stay afloat these days, and one way they pay the bills and can pay their writers is through pageviews. This means that just as you wield your consumer power in the grocery store and at the mall, so too do you wield consumer power with each site you visit. Here are a few articles worth reading and sharing:

(5) Join the Google+ Human Trafficking Community. With updates every hour (and the ability to toggle them on and off) the Google+ Human Trafficking Community is a terrific way to stay informed about all aspects of the global anti-slavery movement. Members will find everything from breaking news and influential political decisions to inspiring stories from survivors. And you know the next part: Share what you learn!


Cameron Conaway, Executive Director at The Good Men Project, is a freelance journalist who has covered stories of human trafficking from Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and elsewhere. A frequent speaker on the topic, Conaway serves on the Editorial Board at Slavery Today: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Human Trafficking Solutions.

via:  TheCoolist


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Jun 29, 2014

Spin Gold…

…go ahead…you can make it happen…

Jee Young Lee


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Jun 27, 2014

Open Your Eyes…

…and flower…


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Jun 26, 2014

Nature’s Green…

…does a body good…

…have you played like a child lately and lay face down in the vibrant rich grass…

…have you run your fingers through the delicate and elaborate fern…

…have you had the pleasure of gazing upon a quiet forest water hole…yes?  Good for you!

all images…the talented Michelle Wentworth

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Jun 19, 2014

All Together Now…

…may your world be in sync today…happy Tuesday.

Ann Hamilton’s ‘the event of a thread’ installation at Park Avenue Armory. Hamilton is a new member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.


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Jun 17, 2014

The Perfect Red…


Gina Lapina by François Nars for Vogue Japan


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Jun 14, 2014


my favorite word in the dictionary, arete, means excellence.  André Simón of A/STUDIO , submitted his recent work, MIKA 350. The attention, care, and sensitivity used by Andre, both in the design and in the film, is beautiful.  The word, arete, is fitting…André captures the employment of tools, the utilization of sturdy machinery, the sound of rain, and the falling of wood shavings to tell the story of the master craftsman.



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Jun 13, 2014

Good Day…

…inviting spaces that say, “hello, gorgeous…have a good day”…

all images via

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Jun 11, 2014


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