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The FORMS of Anastasiya Komarova

styling: Kseniya Berezovskaya, photo by Danil Golovkin, Courtesy of Anastasiya Komarova

I came across this incredible post at Yatzer and I immediately began to hyperventilate.  Yes, yes, a bit dramatic, but I love when architecture meets fashion.  Let’s take a look at what Yatzer has to say about Anastasiya Komarova, superstar:

The idea to make use of architectural concepts in fashion is not a new one, but scarcely have we seen results that have the quality of the accessories of Russian designer Anastasiya Komarova. What makes Anastasiya’s creations unique is her capacity to translate architectural aesthetics to something really wearable, simplifying complex ideas and taking a great care of textures and volumes. Her fashion accessories, with their pronounced shapes and sharp lines, invite you to touch them and feel their exceptional structure. Born in Kaliningrad, Russia,Anastasiya studied in Moscow Architectural Institute (MARHI), followed by a Master in Architecture in 2010, although she dedicated herself almost entirely to fashion design. Still, her education and work skills -more than 4 years of experience on both residential and public building- are imminent in her creations and her use of geometrics in order to create intriguing lines.

In February 2010 Anastasiya Komarova created her brand, called FORMS, offering a series of alternative accessories that caused a big sense-even Rosin Murphy is a fan. FORMS series, standing somewhere between vintage and futuristic, offer a wide range of designs, including leather clutches, neckpieces and armlets, all with an architectural touch.

FORMS accessories can be purchased online on Le Form concept store’s website as well as by sending an email request to Anastasiya.


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May 14, 2011


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