Jul 31, 2012

Shiro Studio…

…”Making the invisible tangible” is the guiding principle of London based design practice, Shiro Studio.  Research across many disciplines feed the studio’s ethos…anatomy, aeronautics, meteorology, botany, sculpture and digital fabrication.

“Shiro means ‘white’ in Japanese, but here it implies a philosophical translation where white is perceived as the purest creative approach. Shiro is the infinitesimal fraction of time before an idea is represented on a blank piece of white paper. It is here, in this tension between inception and the beginning of the design process, that the purity and integrity of creativity is found.”

…organic landscape meant to ‘read like a book’…unfolding chapter by chapter…enzo ferrari house exhibition in modena, italy…

…enzo ferrari museum in modena, italy….

…private residence in rome, italy…cannot wait to see this project upon completion…a beauty.


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